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  • Lenin Komsomol Prize Laureate, 1973
  • USSR State Prize Laureate, 1983
  • Gold Medal of USSR Economical Achievement Exhibition, 1989
  • First Prize of Siberian Branch of USSR Academy of Sciences, 1990.
  • Honor of the First Plenary Lecture at the Opening Session of the
    International Conference on Multiphase Flow, Kyoto, Japan, 1995.
  • Makeev Gold Medal of Russian Federation of Astronautica (1996)
  • Tsiolkovski Gold Medal of the Russian Federation of Astronautics (2000)
  • Order of Honor (Decree of the President of Russian Federation, 2000)

February, 28:ceremonial session of the KSU Academic Council dedicated
to the delivery of the diploma «The Honourable Doctor of the Kazan University»
to the prominent Russian scientist - Director of the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the full-fledged member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the Winner of the State Prize Robert Nigmatulin.

The decision on the assignment of the rank of the Honourable doctor of KSU to Robert Nigmatulin was adopted by the Academic Council of KSU on February, 21, 2008.

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