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Hydromechanics, Thermophisics, Acoustics and Applications of Two-phase Flows
(program of the course)

  • Basic equations of multiphase flows. Phenomenological theory of multi-velocity continuum. Averaging in mechanics of heterogeneous mixtures. Equations of mechanics of collision-free mono-dispersed mixture. Gas-particle suspensions. Bubbly liquids.

  • Mechanics and thermophysics of process near dispersed particles, drops and bubbles. Flow past a drop and bubble. Fragmentation. Heat and mass exchange near a drop, particle and gas or vapor bubble. Oscillating effects in acoustic field. Cavitation. Resonant supercompression of bubbles in liquid, sonoluminescence and sonochemistry. Bubble thermonuclear Fusion.

  • Vapor-liquid flows in channel Flow regimes. Dispersed-annular (dispersed-film) flow. One dimensional equations of hydrodynamics and thermophysics of disperse-annular flow. Friction and heat exchange between film and wall between dispersed core and film. Drop mass exchange between core and film in turbulent flow. Hydraulic crisis in film flow. Heat exchange crises in boiling vapor-liquid flow. Attenuation and amplification of shock waves in gas-liquid flows.

  • Propagation, attenuation and amplification of shock waves in gas-liquid flows and porous saturated media.

  • Combustion and explosion of gas-particle or droplet suspensions, porous and porous saturated and non-saturated media.

  • Filtration of multiphase multicomponent liquid in porous media. Enhancement of oil recovery. Chemical reagents injection: surfactants, micellar, polymer, acid, alkali solutions. Thermal actions: steam and hot water, flooding, in-situ combustion. High frequent electromagnetic field heating.

  • Applications to technology, energetic, oil and gas industry, material science, safety and medicine. Thermo-hydraulic of nuclear and chemical reactors and tubular furnaces.

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